Wednesday, August 11

Ultimate Campers Saved By Eagle Outdoor Group

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It looks like Ultimate Campers fate has been sealed by Australian owned, clothing and canvas manufacturing specialists Eagle Outdoor Group. Ultimate Campers was put into voluntary administration over a month ago and a statement at the time said “The Administrators have not as yet had an opportunity to investigate the complete financial position or what lead to the company’s financial distress however that will be part of the Voluntary Administration program moving forward and creditors will be informed as the time table unfolds,” although there was reports the company was struggling with high levels of debt. The company also said it was building just 100 to 120 campers per year, which many in the industry agreed was too few to support the 50 staff the Moruya-based business had on its books. Cub Campers, which sells upwards of 600 campers a year, has only about 50 staff.

Eagle Outdoor Group is a family owned and operated business which owns a number of varied camping related brands including Blue Water and Eagle Campers, ShippShape Rooftop Tents and Panorama Swags. The companies use a mix of local and offshore manufacturing to get their products to market.

Eagle Outdoor has said it will be rehiring a number of the former staff from Ultimate Campers, specifically naming Jason Stevens to lead the operation. There was no mention in the statement to say whether or not the Hacketts will have any involvement going forward. Michael has been contacted for comment, but hasn’t immediately responded.  You can read the full statement here.

Eagle Outdoors owners David and Bronwyn Rodgers has said, “We are one hundred per cent committed to the people and local community who have made this amazing camper such a success over the past two plus decades and are pleased to announce production will recommence immediately. We are delighted to be re-employing many of the local team who know this product inside out and will take us forward in the years ahead. These are high-quality campers that will continue to be made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian off-road adventures.”

Now we just have to wait and see what will come of Kimberley Kampers.


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