Sunday, February 17

New Product – Hummingbird RF Battery Monitor

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Battery management is incredibly important at camp, especially if you rely on them for refrigeration, lighting, being able to start the car again, and even those really important things we take for granted; charging our iPhones so we can post a picture of camp to Instagram.

Hummingbird is a small electronics manufacturer that’s a subsidiary of Redarc. Most of its products are specific to the transport and mining sectors (if you need a digital GPS speedo or high tech inclinometre, then Hummingbird’s your stop), but some of their products cross boundaries and are cool camping tech. The RF battery monitor is one of them.battery monitor camping

Able to keep tabs on up to 16 batteries (there’s the mining and trucking influence), it uses a simple sensor attached to the positive and negative terminals of the battery to send a radio signal to the remote mount monitor screen. Each battery can be given a seperate name (very useful if there’s sixteen, but still cool if you’ve only got two or three) and it doesn’t matter what sort of battery it is, it’ll still monitor them. Great if you’ve got lithium batteries in your camper and an AGM in the back of your 4WD.

Previous models used Bluetooth to transmit although Hummingbird has said, “One of the key improvements to this product has been the change from Bluetooth to an RF Technology protocol, which has allowed the unit to improve its reliability whilst ultimately improving signal strength over longer distances (up to 100 meters).” battery monitor lithium

There’s no need to wire it in, it’ll plug into a cigarette lighter if you need it to, and the kit comes with the screen, one Wireless RF battery terminal transmitter and a mount that’ll help it hook anywhere on any surface. The kit sells for $304.88 while extra RF transmitters are $101.97. Find out more here.

What do you use to monitor the performance of your camper trailer’s batteries?


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  1. Brendan, sounds great. I found out about these at ARB but your review here gave me better info. Currently my camper trailer does not have such a monitor & I think it would be especially useful. Also useful for auxiliary battery. I understand that monitor clips into + & – terminals but how does monitor attach to car?

    • It uses a suction mount, or alternate mounting options can be purchased from Hummingbird for more permanent installations.

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