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How to make your camper trailer tax deductible

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Did you know you could make money off your camper trailer, and use it as a tax deduction on your income? Recently I sat down with Justin Hales, CEO of peer-to-peer caravan and camper hire business, Camplifly and Steph Hines, accountant of Grothwise, an accountancy firm in Newcastle, to see exactly what that looks like and how it affects caravan and camper trailer ownership. It’s pretty exciting news if you have a camper trailer sitting idle more than it gets used, as there’s opportunity to claim some of the expense of owning it, and potentially make a profit. Have a look and if you’ve got any questions, ask them below in the comments.

Tax deducting your caravan

Join us as we find out if a caravan or camper can be made a tax deductible asset.

Posted by Time to Roam Australia on Monday, July 2, 2018


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  1. Michael Szabath on

    Hi, Thanks for the video on tax deduction by hiring the caravan/camper trailer through Camplify,very informative.
    You mentioned insurance, what happens in the event of it being hired out, something does break, damaged, stolen etc does the owner have to provide a replacement caravan/camper to the client for the term of the hire agreement & do you have to get it to them. Thanks

    • Hi Michael – I asked Camplify, and this is what one of its reps told me. “This is a great question. On the occasion of a breakdown, NRMA will firstly try to get them back on the road. However if it is going to take longer than a day then Camplify will organise emergency accommodation for the hirer and try to organise a replacement vehicle from another Camplify owner. As for returning the van, it depends on who was at fault of the damage for this liability.”

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