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Lightweight Forward Fold Campers

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Forward fold campers are increasingly popular options for couples and small families looking for the right mix of unadulterated comfort and versatility at campsite, but still with a decent amount of off-road ability. One of the biggest problems with forward-fold campers, though, is that they can often get heavy. Heavy on the ball and heavy to tow. Slowly, though, manufacturers and importers are seeing that lightweight forward fold camper trailers are sought after, and so are shaving kilos off in clever ways, without sacrificing the strength they need or the comforts they offer. Here we look at some of the most popular forward fold campers on the market and compare them by weight.

Austrack Campers Telegraph-LT Lite

This is a basic little forward fold by Austrack Campers that’s kept weight down by keeping things basic – while it’s well featured, there’s very little extravagance to much of it. Its tare weight is advertised as 1020kg, with a 1500kg ATM. The listed ball weight is 140kg. It retails from $14,990.

Blue Tongue Overland XF Lite

This is the newest baby in the Blue Tongue stable and a more basic version of the company’s popular Overland XFS Series II camper. Weight has be cut out of this in the wheels, the chassis, the brakes, the lid and by deleting some of the more premium features. I’ve camped in it and it strikes a really great balance. The tare weight is 1235kg with an ATM of 1700kg offering over 450kg of load storage. The ball weight is around 120kg. You can get one for $20,990

light weight forward fold camper

Cub Campers Frontier

Cub Campers is a brand thats 50 years old in 2018 and one of the largest camper trailer manufacturers in Australia. Best known for its range of rear-fold campers. The forward-fold Frontier, though is well designed, like all the companies campers, well featured, but still light on the scales. The tare weight is just 1232kg with a 1750kg ATM. The camper puts 145kg on the ball. Prices start from $33,990

Eagle Cherokee Lite

The Eagle Campers Cherokee Lite is a handy little camper designed for milder camper trips. Weight has been saved in the drawer bar and chassis rails, and by fitting a smaller kitchen and more basic features. A good little camper for smaller SUVs or those not expecting to do heaps of hard off-road towing. It’s tare weight is 1040kg and it has an ATM of 1500kg.
light weight camper trailer

Ezitrail Stirling Z

Very similar in specification and build to the Eagle Cherokee Lite, EziTrail Campers market this as a camper that will go anywhere. It has independent suspension, 100-litres of water storage and a compact, stainless steel kitchen. Tare weight is listed as 1040kg and it has a 1600kg ATM.
lightweight forward fold campers

Of course, if you really want a light-weight camper trailer, then consider a soft floor camper, a loft camper or a rear fold camper trailer.


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