Thursday, May 20

Kimberley Kampers Shuts its Doors

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Kimberley Kampers, the Ballina-based manufacturer of camper trailers, hybrid campers and off-road caravans, has just entered liquidation. This comes just two weeks after it took an example of every model to display at the Big Red Bash music festival in Birdsville, outback Queensland just two weeks ago.

According to staff, many of who are waiting outside the premises to collect personal items, they were informed late yesterday afternoon that the company was to be closed and that and they’d be able to come back to collect their personal effects. Ron Borton, who’d been with the company nearly 22 years says he was really surprised by the news, as there’d been a lot of progress and improvement in the company since it’s well documented financial issues of December 2017. Ron told me he thought the business was just on the tipping point – everything had been put in place to see its success. “I think it was a silly decision, if you ask me,” he tells me of the closure. All of the staff, he says, had felt more positive after the dramas surrounding the voluntary liquidation and were very welcoming of more stringent quality control and improved products.

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Kimberley Kampers employed between 65 and 70 people in Ballina and after the voluntary liquidation of the business which resulted in the resignation of one of the company’s directors, moral is said to have been high, with most there confident of the future of the business and the caravans and campers that were being built. Indeed, in the eight months since December, significant improvement to product and quality control had been undertaken, and many of the products had been updated, with production streamlined across the board. I travelled with Kimberley Kampers to their display at the Big Red Bash and there was an obvious feeling of positivity and commitment by staff and dealers.kimberley kampers closes down

Kimberley Kampers isn’t the first high-profile caravan and camper builder to run into financial issues in 2018, either. Aussie Swag Campers shut up shop early this year and Coromal and Windsor were sold to the Apollo Group for just $1million in July. As we find out more, we’ll continue to update.

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