Sunday, May 9

Jayco Unveils a Forward Fold Camper

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A few years ago I interviewed Gerry Ryan, owner of Jayco, Australia’s largest manufacturer of caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers. He told me he’d love to have a “rear fold, off-road camper trailer, like what Kimberley Kampers does.” It was part of a larger conversation, so I paid the comment little notice, until now. Jayco has just released images and scant information on the first of its forward-folding camper trailers, in what seem to be a bid to compete against the flood of imported, Chinese built campers.

There appear to be four models of camper, two on-road and two off-road variants. The entry level on-roader is listed for $17,990 with a tare weight of just 950kg, making it the lightest forward fold camper we’ve come across. The entry level off-roader is listed for $22,490 and has a tare weight of just 1200kg, which is still very light for a forward fold. Both on- and off-road models can be upgraded with an X pack, although exactly what makes an X is unclear.

Interestingly, the JTRAK is one of two Australian built forward-fold camper trailers, although even the most expensive model is over $10,000 cheaper than the Cub Campers Frontier, which is built in western Sydney. While we don’t know much about the product yet (and neither do the dealers, it turns out), it does look like the camper will have an inflatable annexe, LED lighting inside and a slide-out kitchen with a three-burner stove.

According to Jayco it features a new style of chassis, the JTECH 2.0 with independent, coil spring suspension. When we know more, we’ll update.


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    • The dealers we’ve spoken to say they believe it’s being built in Australia, but Jayco itself hasn’t responded to any of our messages.

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