Tuesday, March 12

Feldon Shelter Rooftop Tents Coming to Australia

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The premium range of New Zealand designed and tested Feldon Shelter rooftop tents are coming to Australia. Well known across the ditch for their distinct curved roof design and rounded windows (a lot like the Walkabout Campers from Brisbane, really), the tents feature very practical features like cargo netting on the lid so gear can be stored and not fall off when its flipped.

There are two versions of the Feldon tents, a standard version with a simple fly over the roof and an extended version, which has an extended annexe over the ladder to offer a little more shelter and protection from the elements when the door’s open. The extended also has a lighter-weight honeycomb cell base, which presumably makes it easier to flip and puts less strain on your roof-racks.

If you need still more shelter, there’s an add-on room which is available in three sizes, depending on the height of your tent off the ground, so it’ll suit some loft campers all the way through to lifted four-wheel drives. The extra room has a PVC floor, large windows and it’ll fit under the floor of the regular or extended tents.

Australia’s certainly not short on roof-top tent variations, although Feldon does have quite the following in its home country, so expect them to make a bit of a splash in Aus. Find out more about where they’ll be available here


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