Friday, April 30

Carbon-fibre imbued, Aussie-made camper for just $7000

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Last year at the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow we came across Walkabout Campers and its $6000, Aussie-made camper trailer that was actually good, and it was a sensation. Craig, the quietest Gall Boy, hand sews all the tents in his little shed on within the Kedron Caravans facility. They’re paired with fully gal trailers built around the corner in Brendale, QLD and suited to anyone who wants a super good-quality trailer with no fancy features.

This year he’s back again with a new trailer that’s just $6995, but comes with carbon-fibre imbued vinyl sections which prevent the canvas stretching from overuse, or when used as the toneaiu cover, is more resistant to delaminating as a result of wind flapping them to death. The same model $6000 trailer was still on display, too.

The new one, though, is still super simple. Built onto a simple, 7×4-foot, on-road box trailer, the tent sets up in minutes. It has been made from an all alloy frame and only one of the tent bows needs to be adjusted. For extra strength and to ensure good tension in the tent, the that one, the largest of the bows, is double-thick alloy tube with a single locking point. For older users with limited shoulder strength, Walkabout can even supply waist-lift braces so the bow can be pushed out from the waist. The frame does mean there’s a low door height, so taller campers might find that unpalatable.

The tent’s the real star, though and Craig is quite the craftsman. It’s got a curved frame design so there’s less wind resistance from it, and water runs off more readily. The canvas is all Australian and his hands (and his machines, of course) sew ever part of it.

New for this year (as well as the carbon-fibre imbued vinyl) is waterproof zippers in all the windows and doors and “Ultimate” flycreens, which Craig offers a lifetime warranty on, he’s convinced its that tough. They’re also easy to see out of, but hard to see into, so offer reasonable privacy if you’ve got windows open. Feature wise, the tent has large windows and both the fly screens and weather covers unzip, and a canteen awning over the bed window, so you can sleep with the window open with reasonable confidence you aren’t going to get wet if it rains. Most notably, you can order the camper in almost any bright colour you’re into. The green here really stands out, but you can also get orange, blue, pink, red – anything, really. cheap aussie camper trailer

Because Craig is only a one-man band, there is only a limited amount Walkabout Campers can pump out each year (but also incredibly surprising – he must never sleep!). He can also do custom canvas work, or make a tent for your existing trailer. Find our more on Walkabout Camper’s Facebook page.


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