Monday, March 9

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Generator

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6.5kW generators are normally the domain of tradies needing a bigger kick, off-grid home-owners wanting the power to overcome cloudy patches and anyone else with higher-than-normal portable electricity needs. We campers and caravanners can generally get away with a 1kW to 3kW inverter generator – something just big enough to keep the batteries charged or power the AC on hot days. Part of that just-enough mentality comes down to space restrictions – bigger generators are heavier and take up more space, so why bring em?

The latest biggun’ from Briggs & Stratton might put paid to that argument, though, as it’s new 6.5kW inverter generator, the Q6500 Quiet Series, is about half the weight of Honda’s 7kW generator (58kg vs 118kg) and not much bulkier than a standard 3KVa generator. Again comparing to Honda, the EU30IU Handy is 622mm long, 379mm wide, 489mm high verses the Briggs Q6500’s 547mm length, 536mm width and 544mm height. That’s not to say it’s entirely light or compact, most 2kVA generators weight around 20kg.

The generator can also be monitored via Bluetooth, which is cool. Briggs & Stratton told us, “A significant feature is the Bluetooth functionality available through the InfoHub app. The app monitors total power being used, run time (hours until empty), total unit hours and maintenance reminders. The app also includes the operator manual, product tutorial and FAQ’s, bringing all of the information together.” Pretty slick.



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