Tuesday, March 9

Blue Tongue Campers Overland XF Extreme Unveiled

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The Sydney Caravan Camping Supershow is on, which means Australia’s camper trailer manufacturers are rolling out their new models (with the notable exception of Kimberley Kampers, who said they’d be there, but aren’t…). Sydney-based Blue Tongue Campers is amongst them, showing off the latest edition to its forward-fold camper trailer range – the Overland XF Extreme.

Blue Tongue has traditionally taken a mild approach to marketing to the ‘extreme off-road’ users, instead focussing on its campers comforts and top quality services (like Redarc Redvision and Dometic diesel cabin heaters). Which is not to say they’re not capable off-road, just that Blue Tongue’s never made a big thing of it.

The XF Extreme is noticeably different from the Overland XF Series 2 – they’re from different factories, actually. The Extreme has a thicker draw-bar (125x50x4mm steel vs 100x50x3mm), and even the frame is 75x50x5mm. It has the look of over-engineered brutishness, too – the swing-over luggage rack looks strong enough to take on Thanos, while the rear-mounted, fold-down bench looks like it’s strong enough to sit another camper on. For all that, the camper’s only 100kg heavier than the more tame Series 2.

The Extreme’s body is also longer than the Series 2, which is noticeable around the entry way and in the space between the table and the bed. It gets a different tent, too, with internal closing windows, tropical roof and a combination of steel and alloy poles to make up the frame. The internal lounge is quite comfortable, with a leathery feel upholstery and high-backed cushions. There’s even internal storage under the bed, which is a really great feature in a forward-fold.blue tongue campers review

The kitchen is quite extensive, too. It’s different to the kitchens Blue Tongue normally offers, but the design is simple and effective. It includes a sink, three-burner stainless steel stove, both with glass lids, and a fold-over bench extension. The kitchen lights is on a bendy pole and ‘looks’ in the same direction as the user, which is quite thoughtful.

As for capacity, it has a 540kg load capacity, which is pretty good. It can carry 205-litres of water in its two stainless steel tanks, and fit a 75-litre fridge, at least. There’s also space for two 4.5kg gas bottles, two jerry cans and two spare wheels.

What it looks like is a nice, strong camper trailer that’ll go the distance or take you places like the Kimberley. It is a little on the weighty side, but its obvious, just by looking at it, where that comes from any why it’s so. Not a bad option if you’re tough on gear but like a little bit of comfort.

There’s no details on the Blue Tongue website as of publishing, but click to go through, just in case.


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